Welcome to Mamaringo


Our shop is a relaxation salon whose basic concept was "healing is life". 


  It aims to release waste materials accumulated in the body through lymph drainage and relieve stress. Our therapist will serve after receiving a fulfilling training of lymphatic drainage from experienced estheticians, so do not worry about massage technology. 


【Contents of treatment】 From foot sole reflexology to all-hand oil lymph drainage with full body, décolleté, neck, dry head spa is included in the course over 90 minutes. Please experience the cospa not in other shops and the treatment of the best healing.   


Our basic is "healing is the life".   We welcome you with hospitality heart. Please come and visit with confidence! And please try it! Please compare! Salon quality!



I'm expecting you to be satisfied with certainty. We are very happy to have you as a hideout for your mind. If you are coming to Sapporo for business trips or traveling, our shop is located in the center, so you can arrive within about 10 wards by taxi from the hotel you stay, so please use by all means. We can also make reservations with colleagues and friends, couple. Please feel free to contact us. Phonenumber 090-1523-5721



<Menu>   60 minutes ¥ 6,000 90 minutes ¥ 8.000 120 minutes ¥ 10,000 150 minutes ¥ 12.000   Extension 10 minutes ¥ 1.000 Nomination fee ¥ 500


Reservation phones may not be able to handle English. In that case please make a reservation by email.


Business hours from 12:00 to 24:00


※ The treatment practice of our shop is done for the purpose of relaxation. Also it is not intended for treatment.



Those who require treatment without menu Mafia officials Peer scout act Those who dislikes a therapist Person with bad physical condition Person who is drunk If pregnant There is a fever of unknown cause Those who are within half a year after operation We will refuse to enter the corresponding person above.





Email: mamaringosapporo@gmail.com

Telephone: 090-1523-5721